Friday, November 26, 2010

Short note

I find some amusing changes beginning to happen regarding my outlook on life. Pete's calling around trying find a ride from Baltimore to the trailhead in Georgia as our ride fell through. I was shocked to realize that people weren't able to do it till next weekend since they had to work. That's what four months of not teaching and working a serving job (or not working) have done to me.

Some might say I am loosing touch with the real world or am not thinking like a mature adult. But I actually find it refreshing not to be so bound by hours and days of the week. Pete and I drive when we need to drive, be it night or day. With the exception of Sunday, when I choose to observe religious practice, days of the week don't matter.

On a side note, I begin to wonder if Sundays will even matter once we start hiking since the wonder and beauty of the outdoors may render every day holy.


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  1. Your ride fell through?! That blows. I know y'all will figure out resourceful friends...

    I'll be thinking of you two tomorrow when I'm at Ren Fest.


  2. Thoroughly enjoying your blog so far. You're doing a lovely job of it. :)

  3. Although it may be frustrating that your ride fell through, just count it as all part of the adventure. If everything went smoothly in our lives, we'd never appreciate anything. And, ditto to what Darce said. Lovely job! :-)

  4. Hey all, thanks so much for commenting here! I love seeing the feedback and hope that you will continue to enjoy hearing what we've been up to.