Friday, November 26, 2010

Making plans and getting a start

Pardon my nearly three month break in posting. The move from Houston to my Mom's did crazy things to my head in regards to planning for the trip. I found myself thinking more about how to fill my days and make some money while waiting for the trip to start than actually planning for the trip.

But, alas, the gear is purchased, the first leg of the route is planned, and the food is ready for Mom to ship.

I'd like to take a moment to talk a bit about food. Many of you have asked about how we will be eating on the trail. For the most part, Mom is shipping us our food, though we'll also buy a lot of snacks and supplies in the cities we walk through. What food Mom does send will consist of a lot of things that can be eaten or prepared cold such as tuna and crackers or cold instant potatoes and spam (gross, I know). :)

However, our evening food will be hot dehydrated meals that Mom will be fastidiously preparing all year. I got a jump start on the project for her while I was still home and spent about two weeks cooking, dehydrating, and vacuum sealing. In that time, I learned how really awesome my mom is, because the process is actually very time consuming. She'll probably have to be in a constant state of dehydrating in order to keep up with our eating. Thanks Mom. :)

I'm looking forward to trying all the different meals we've made, especially the beef stroganoff. Pete and I still have to finish all our gear tests though, including testing the stove and practicing rehydrating the food. Can't wait to experiment.

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  1. Your mom is amazing! I had no idea the food prep process was so intense!

    Your blogs have been mighty interesting, Miss Green.

  2. Hats off to your Mom! I guess more than you and Pete are learning through this trip. Your are about a month in; how did the food turn out?

  3. It's been fun to learn how to prepare and work with mom to do so. I love how into it she is, and it's great to have her support. Also, she has been talking with her students about it and trying to find ways to tie it in with her curriculum. I think she is pretty awesome.