Friday, November 26, 2010

The road to the road

"Why aren't you hiking yet?"

This is the question I've gotten from not just a few of my friends and family. Seeing that we aimed to be on the trail the first week of Nov. it's not an unreasonable question.

The short answer is, we've had a lot of stuff to do.

The long answer though, is that leaving your life behind is harder than just getting in a car and going. What we've literally been doing is visiting friends, packing an apartment, and seeing movies. What we've metaphorically been doing is saying goodbye to the things in our life that make it what it is as we prepare for a life that will look almost nothing like we've ever known.

We both have been going out of our way (in his case hundreds of miles) to visit friends who we won't see or maybe even talk to for at least seven months.

Pete came to pick me up last Tuesday, but was awesome enough to hang long enough to attend the midnight release of DH7. We went with Mom (Augusta Longbottom) Cousin Britney (Sybil Trelawney), and Cousin Robin (Pansey Parkinson). Pete and I went as Tonks and Lupin. He was wildly popular.

It was an experience I was very grateful to share with Pete and my family since I haven't missed a midnight release since movie four and book six. I'm especially glad given that soon this part of my life will be gone. But, that is what this trip is about, closing one chapter and beginning another.

After we left Texas we spent a couple of days in Louisiana packing up Pete's apartment. May I just say, if anyone wants to test a relationship, help someone move. :) We were both grumpy as Hell with each other. But, here's the thing, I learn with each bicker fest that these are things you have to work through. In the end, we left Louisiana in one piece and headed out to Florida to spend a couple days with my dad.

Florida was a lovely warm reminder that soon we will be spending many a cold might bundled into thick sleeping bags in a heavy duty tent. Dad was pleasant and enjoyable company, and I'm glad Pete's had the chance to meet so much of my family. I was glad to hear that he was a hit with all.

We are currently on our way North to Baltimore and should be headed back down to Georgia by sometime next week.

As always, I'll keep you updated.

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