Monday, June 13, 2011

Wrapping up a Fabulous Year

So, the last year has been interesting, surprising, and unexpected.

I didn't hike as much of the trail as I thought I would, but I hiked enough to learn something about myself and to be satisfied with what I accomplished. I am proud and impressed with the people who are out there right now still hiking, trying to finish (aka Pete). I am happy with what I've done in the last year. I rediscovered one of my own dreams.

I want to visit every National Park in the US at some point in my life. As a little girl, growing up in Wyoming, Yellowstone NP and the Grand Tetons are a part of who I am. They inspired in me a love for the outdoors that still drives me to try new things like Kayaking and hiking even though, in truth, I'm a bit of a city girl.

During my last visit I hiked for only a few days, but I visited nearly 20 National Parks. Some of the most memorable were Fort McHenry, the Liberty Bell, and Gettysburg.

I am now in a state of transition. I'm done hiking, but haven't gone back to full-time work yet. I am hanging down in lovely south Texas, working at a wonderful steakhouse with wonderful people. I am researching jobs and places to live next year and enjoying the time I have to spend with family. One year, 300 miles walked, and 5,000 miles driven later and I am in a happy place. I have some great future goals and can't wait to share them later.

What are some plans you have for yourself this coming year? (former students reading this, this would be a great time to talk about your first year of college)


  1. Hi,
    I work in the editorial department at Stackpole Books, a midsize publisher of outdoor and other nonfiction books. We're interested in using a couple of excerpts from your blog in a book of AT stories we're putting together--could you please email me? I'd love to tell you more about the project and see if you're interested.
    Kathryn Fulton
    Editorial Assistant
    Stackpole Books

  2. Sounds great :D