Monday, February 21, 2011

Not a real post

I'm in a town where I have no cell service and internet access is limited to 20 minutes, so I won't be able to post until I find more reliable service.

But, Pete and I made it to Hot Springs and out of the Smokey Mountains! This is a huge deal to me as I wasn't sure I would even make it to the Smokies. I am happy and tired and missing my family and friends, but I am excited about the adventures to come.

Can't wait to get a few more posts in. What is everyone else doing in the meantime?


  1. I am about to go to computer training for my job. I would love to be out there complaining about how I don't think I could survive. Good luck on your progress and congrats to making it passed that hump.

  2. Another milestone! I'm enjoying hearing how you are getting to know people along the way, in a different area of the country. Be encouraged.

  3. Your mom came into the restaurant last night and gave us your update. Hang in there Niki - the weather and the terrain are only going to get better. ©